We offer our service for almost any application you can think of. If it can be seen from the air, we can film it. Our equiptment allows for a new and exciting perspective of any property, event, object, or area. Some examples of our filming services include:

■ Real Estate Listings and Showcasing

■ Family Gatherings and Community Events, Weddings

■ Action Sports (Boating, Surfing, Water Skiing, Skating)

■ Marketing for Communities and Developments, Country or Yacht Clubs, Hotels and Restaurants etc.

■ Construction Applications (Surveying, Progress, Landscaping)

■ Short Films, Movies, Documentaries

■ Corperate Marketing and Training

■ Surveying and Inspection (Agricultural or Commercial)

■ Damage Asessment (Weather or Fire)

■ Search and Rescue
Because flying our UAVs is a passion of ours, and we enjoy it so much, we offer competitave pricing in our field of work!

Here are some examples of our pricing. Keep in mind that pricing varies from application to application, and your project's cost may vary.

Filming: $175 per hour
​This includes 50 minutes of RAW video or 60 RAW photos per hour of flight.

Editing: $200 per hour
Average editing yeilds about 5 minutes of quality spots with music and/or voice overs per hour, or 60 high quality photos.

Average costs:
Real Estate Promo - $300
Event or Festival - $500
Survey or Inspection - $150

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