Juggernaut Aerial Media is a South Florida based Aerial Photography and Cinematography capturing and production company utilizing the use of sUAS / UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles, sometimes referred to as "drones") for its applications. We can provide our customers with numerous options for their needs, from raw unedited photos and video to fully produced ads, TV spots, or full videos. Our customers can simply tell us what kind of media they want, and we take the guesswork out of it, and provide a quality final product.

Our equiptment allows us extreme flexibilty during our production. Our cameras are 4k/UHD, HD and SD capable, with low light, slow motion, and time-lapse enhancements. We can also capture High Definition photos in standard, wide angle, and burst. We have the capability of flying up to 2 miles in range*, 1 mile in altitude*, up to 40mph, day or night*, in moderate winds, and up to 25 minutes at a time. 
(*These capabilities are subject to waiver of part 107 of the FAA, and are otherwise restricted to distances where the UAV is in Line Of Sight (typically around 2,000ft), 400ft above ground level, and during the day.)

Juggernaut Aerial offers very competitave pricing for this type of application compared to other, more commercial oriented companies. We also guarentee your satisfaction and that our product meets your needs. See our Services page for pricing.

We hold an sUAS Remote Pilot certificate from the FAA per CFR 14 part 107, and are licensed/certified for commercial drone use and operation. Safety is a primary concern and there are many rules that the FAA has recently placed in regards to flying drones in the National Airspace System. Some of these rules may affect our ability to film and photograph certain things without a certificate of waiver from the FAA. We are also fully insured as well.